Why record a call?

The call recording feature allows account owners to analyze outbound sale calls, take real-time notes in order to improve sales performance and productivity.

Manage your Call Recordings

Call Recording can only be accessible through managers and upper management. It can be found through
Tools > Call Recordings in the left navigation. 

Viewing a Call Recording

Management can filter call recordings through numerous options. They can filter by team, user, campaign, result codes or by date range.

The diagram above demonstrates a typical call recording.*

*Any outbound calls made under 20 seconds will not be recorded.

Management can do several things with a stored recording.


  • Customer Profile: Access the customer's contact information, as well as payment information and history.
  • Call: The ability to call the customer without entering the Caller Mode.

Customer: Similar to Customer Profile, hovering and clicking the name of the customer will grant access to their information.

Agent: By hovering and clicking the agent's name, it will give access to its profile page. It will show contact information, statistics, call activity and calendar.


  • Outbound / Inbound: It will indicate whether the call was outbound or inbound.
  • Download: Download the recording. If the call was under 20 seconds, no icons will be present.
  • Add to Playlist: Add the recording to a media playlist for continuous playback.

Media Playlist

Use this playlist to add up to 20 recording for continuous playback.

You can find it at the top right of the CRM to the left of Caller Mode. (Shown above)

How to turn on the Media Player

Once you click the Audio Playlist icon, the HUD will automatically change in color and display. 

Playing the recorded audio files

To access the recorded audio files, click on the icon on the far right side of the HUD. The playlist will appear automatically.

By now, you should have added recorded files to the playlist through the "Add to Playlist" action. Your playlist should look like the image above.

Management can reorder, play, download and delete the recorder audio from the playlist.

Deleting a recorded audio file from the playlist will only remove it from playback. It can still be accessible through the Call Recording section. 

Exit Media Player

To exit the media player, simply click on the icon to the far left of the HUD.

Take note, the audio recordings you have added to the playlist will still be there when you return to the media player. It will stay until you Clear All or remove them individually.