Setting up your merchant provider

iTransact is a merchant account provider that conveniently allows you to make a transaction without the added hassle of a broker to process payments. 

Before you integrate iTransact into your CRM. You must have an account and to do so please register at 

The following will show you how to add iTransact to your gateway.

By now, you should have familiarized your way throughout the CRM.

1.  Log in to your CRM.

2. On the left navigation, select Company.

3. On the upper-right corner of the client contact, click Edit Client.

4. You will see the Gateway Setup section, just above the Theme.

5. Click Add.

6. Once you clicked Add, a prompt will show with a list of available gateways. Click on iTransact Gateway.

7. iTransact will be added to the setup. You are not done yet. You will need the API Username and API Key in order to use iTransact in your CRM.

8. Click Login here and a new tab will open. 

9. Input the login and password you used to create the account.

10. Once you have successfully logged in, on the top navigation, select Merchant Settings.

11. On the left navigation, click on Integration.

12. API Access will show. You need to copy the API Username and API key, return to your CRM and paste it into the required fields in the Gateway Setup.

13. Click Save

Processing a payment

After successfully integrating iTransact into your CRM, you will need to know how to process a payment. 

You are about to finalize a sale. You have press Sold on the result code and the sold confirmation dialogue box appears. 

1. In the Payment section, click on the iTransact button

2. iTransact dialogue box will appear. Fill in the required fields. You can copy & paste the customer information from the payment information section on the left side. 

  • Email: Customer's email address. iTransact will send a receipt to the customer of the transaction.
  • Full Name: Customer's full name.
  • Card Number: Credit card number that will be used for processing.
  • MM/YY: Expiry date of the credit card.
  • CVV: Card verification value. Three- or four- digit number found at the back of the credit card which adds another layer of security when making a purchase online or over the phone.

3. After you have filled in all the required information, click the Pay button. It will redirect you back to the sold confirmation dialogue box. iTransact will start the process. If the transaction has been approved or declined, you will either see Successful or Failed.

        If the transactions is:

  • Successful: A transaction ID will generate, and you can change the status to Approved.
  • Failed: Cancel the transaction. If the customer has another term of payment, submit the process using
    Step 2.