Update 2021.07.09 is live as of Thursday, July 15th 2021.

You can find the list of changes and improvements below:

Global Concurrency

The CRM now verifies if multiple bookings are allowed based on your CRM global concurrency settings. ie: If your global concurrency is set to (2), regardless of the campaign, your agents can only book (2) appointments per time slot.

  • Left navigation; Company
  • Click Edit (Edit Company)
  • Click Campaign Settings on the right side of the page

Input the number of overlapping appointments in a campaign. Minimum is 1.
Downtime is the set time an employee will not actively be with a customer.

Default Concurrency

Appointment concurrency is now defaulted to 1 (one) for new customer registration.

Team Lead - Role Permission Upgrade

Team Lead role permission now has more power to manage staff. 

  1. Team Leads can now transfer all the callbacks from one user to another
  2. Team Leads now has access to the company customer database
  • Left Navigation; Users
  • User lists > click on the Username of the agent. It will direct you to his/her page
  • Click on Assign Callbacks on the top-right corner of the user’s calendar

  • Click the user you would like to migrate the callbacks to. The user will be highlighted in green. Click Assign Callbacks

A notification will appear at the top of the page, indicating that the transfer has been completed

Appointment Edit

Appointment edit and save view:

  • We’ve removed the mailing address and last name as required fields when saving changes.
  • You can now download the page as a PDF
  • We now display a side by side view of your customers’ time vs your agent local time

To download a PDF of a sale of appointment

  • In the Dashboard, click the Edit button in the Actions column of a sale or appointment. It will direct you to the Edit Sale/Appointment page.
  • In the Contact Information section, click the PDF button to download.

Alternate Phone Number

Auto-dial mechanism in caller mode will now dial the alternate phone number in the event the main phone number is not present.

Campaign statistics is now even more accurate and robust than ever. 

Columns Refined:

  • Talk Time: This is the sum of the user’s talk time with a customer. 
  • Connections: The count of how many times the user connected to a voicemail or customer. 

Calendar; Customer Timezone & Timezone Differences

Displays a warning (orange triangle) icon which only appears when a customer, in caller mode, has a timezone different from the agent.

When clicking on the icon, it will display the time comparison.

This will be displayed:

• Appointment View / Edit

• Sale View / Edit

• Caller Mode

• Edit Customer 

Keep in mind that when selecting a time in the calendar, you need to calculate the time difference between your customer’s time and that of the company timezone. 


Agent Rep - CRM Time zone: EST

Customer - Time zone: PST.   PST is 3 hours behind EST.

The customer wants to be called or book an appointment at 1:00 pm (their local time).

Agent Rep needs to book that appointment or callback for 4:00 pm in the calendar since their CRM is set up for EST.