Besides the call icon in Caller Mode, an agent can manually dial a phone number using the dial pad. This dial pad is a pop-up feature which interrelates to making VoIP calls.

To access the dial pad, Click on the dial padicon located at the top right side of the CRM, underneath the search toolbar.
The dial pad will slide in from the right.


Agent List: A directory of agents within the organization that another agent can call.
Dial Pad: One of three options located below the Dialer pad. Use this option to dial the desired number.
Call History: A list of numbers dialed within a session. The list will disappear once the page is refresh.
Voicemail: Access the voicemail box(es) you are currently associated with.

Mute a phone call

Once you have connected to a call, you can mute a phone call by pressing theicon located inside the HUD.