Call Centres consist of different job titles which play a vital role in helping achieve their target goals.

A full list of job titles found in Leap is provided below:

•    Administrator

•    Manager

•    Team Leader

•    Agent

Diagram shows the limitations for each role.

Understanding each role can be useful when configuring your Call Centre. However, the size of the centre will determine the available positions needed to carry out the job functions of the centre. 


A Call Centre Agent's main responsibility is to manage a large amount of calls, whether inbound or outbound, in the most efficient way possible. Good communication skills is very important. They must be able to identify what a customer needs and provide the proper solutions in a timely manner. 

Team Leader

Team Leaders are responsible of managing a group of Agents. They must provide objectives and end-of-day goals. Monitor, motivate and ensure a positive and productive working environment. 


Managers has the responsibility of managing a group of Team Leaders. Similar to team leaders, managers need to communicate the objectives for the day and provide any support team leaders may need.


Administrators have the most responsibilities of them all. They have access to all the features in the CRM, allowing to monitor and track the quality and productivity towards the agents and the rest of the team. Administrators are there to provide feedback and guidance to improve customer interaction.